Curriculum Connections with CRED in Pre – School

Category: SCHOOLS

Published: 05 NOVEMBER 2014

The Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education identifies the importance of helping young children to understand that we see the world in many different ways depending on our cultural, social and religious viewpoints.

The guidance identifies the need for staff to acknowledge and respect the culture, beliefs and lifestyles of the families of all the children, and consequently encourages respect for diversity within our society.

All pre schools have a key part to play in promoting CRED through their approach to:

  1. Child Centred Provision
  2. High Quality Teaching and Learning
  3. Effective Leadership
  4. A School Connected to its Local Community

The accompanying document outlines how Pre- School settings can address CRED. Of the six discrete headings within the Curriculum for Pre-school education, Personal, Social and Emotional Development most closely aligns with the CRED policy.  Young children are encouraged to understand their feelings and the needs and feelings of others, and discussing how their actions can affect others and why we need rules can help them develop respect for others and appreciate the differences between people – like race, culture and disability.



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