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Gay Straight Alliance Student Group in Shimna Integrated College, Newcastle

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Published: 20 OCTOBER 2014

This case study in DVD format outlines an issue that was relevant to the needs of the school, Shimna Integrated College, Newcastle.

A Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Student Group was set up as a result of the negative experiences of LGBT young people in the school.  The GSA was set up to provide a safe space for the young people to come and be open about their sexuality and identity and for it to be seen as a beacon for the rest of the school and the community: demonstrating a welcoming school and that every person is valued and respected.

The young people had experienced homophobic comments and insults and lacked confidence in themselves.

In the DVD, the the young people describe the positive impact of the group- how they now feel having come out about their identity, the difference to their self confidence and how they feel they can at last be themselves and not pretend to anyone.

In the presentation, the principal talks about how the impact of anti-homophobic work in the school and outlines how they as a whole school explored the issue and supported the young people in the school.



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