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Discovering the Past

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Published: 16 OCTOBER 2014

‘Discovering the Past’ DVD describes how 2 schools, Lisnagarvey High School and St Patrick’s Academy, both in Lisburn worked collaboratively on a joint history project.  The schools have been working together for over 20 years and recognise the need to discover the past  and set differences aside in order to build a shared future, living and working together.

This DVD clip describes how the classes met together at the end of  year 8 to develop their relationships with each other and began their shared curriculum work in year 9. The focus for the work was firmly embedded into the statutory history curriculum with the activities connected with World War 1 and extended their existing work into something more meaningful and enjoyable.

While the pupils acknowledged their apprehension at the beginning of the shared classes, they worked well together, developing their skills of teamwork, communication, problem solving and decision making.

The teachers reported on the benefits of working together including learning from each other and the sharing resources and expertise.

The shared work is seen as a very positive learning experience for all involved.





Please note: The DVD clip begins with the title ‘Everyone Together’- however the DVD clip is about ‘Discovering the Past’.


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