IFI Sharing in Education Programme

 Sharing in Education Programme

The International Fund for Ireland (IFI) is an independent international organisation set up by the British and Irish Governments in 1986. The objectives of the Fund are to: promote economic and social advance; encourage contact, dialogue and reconciliation between nationalists and unionists throughout Ireland; and, support programmes and projects which aim to facilitate the sharing of educational experiences among young people on a cross-sectoral basis.

The IFI supported 19 projects within the SiEP managed by a liaison team within the Department of Education (DE) to:
• promote shared education by linking schools representative of the two communities;
• build on community relations within and between schools;
• support cultural outreach amongst young people representative of the differing communities/traditions; and
• address strategic gaps in achieving reconciliation through a cross‑community, cross-border approach through education and the related services sector.

The final evaluation report completed by ETI and details of all the projects can be found using the following link:

Sharing in Education Programme

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